New Iridium Go! Postpaid SIM Card

Current Price: $4.99
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Features and Specifications:

  • Airtime is not included and must be purchased separately. Activation fee of US$25 and 3-month minimum term applies to all Iridium Go! monthly contracts. Airtime contract must be completed before SIM can be activated.
  • Inactive post-paid / monthly contract SIM card for use in the Iridium Go! Satellite Hotspot. Ready to activate on any Iridium post-paid / monthly contract service plan of your choice.
  • Iridium Go! Satellite Hotspot allow you to make and receive voice calls, send/receive SMS and GRIB files from anywhere on the globe. It is not suitable for web browsing or applications with a high data rate requirement.
  • No charge for incoming voice calls and text messages. Outgoing calls to any global landline or mobile phone can be made at a flat rate per minute.
  • SIM card can be activated on a future date, simply select your activation date using our online activation request form.
  • More features

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New Iridium Go! Postpaid SIM Card

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